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To have good TV reception at sea is difficult and when the analogue transmissions has closed, range decreased significantly when the digital broadcasts do not reach as far. If you want TV that really works far out at sea, in all weather conditions, the solution is Satellite TV. Those of you who have satellite TV at home can enjoy the fantastic wide range of television channels which you are used to - and to the same quality.

From Football World Cup to movies, series and documentaries: These features can also be obtained at sea by the installation of satellite antenna.

Satellite TV requires precision to obtain good reception. Satellite TV Antennas has steady position to the satellites even if they are mounted 20 feet above sea level and the boat travels at 40 knots of speed. They manage movements of up to 12 G, which means that as long as you are able to watch TV can handle satellite TV antenna to deliver crystal clear picture!

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