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SAILOR is one of the world's oldest manufacturer of VHF - production began shortly after World War II. Still, the world leader in communications equipment for commercial shipping but they also produce popular products for leisure boats. Characteristic of SAILOR is reliable, user friendly and robust products. Their fixed VHF radios include:
  • Unique SAILOR rehearsal function (up to 240 seconds)
  • Can easily connect multiple headphones and microphones to devices.
  • Display of very high quality with good visibility both day and night.
  • Powerful speakers
  • Part of Thrane Links networking solution for simple diagnostics, software updates and future-proofing
With a SAILOR onboard the crew is efficient, safe and has a VHF according to the latest regulations.

But even the best VHF won't work properly without a good antenna and antenna cable. One of the latest recommendations, which will normally end up as requirements, in Comsar information is that VHF's should be installed with cables providing max 3dB RF loss.
3dB RF power loss is prox half the power and it means a regular good quality RG214 can run prox 30 to 35m resulting to prox 12,5W at the antenna end.
Having a 75m cable run will give above 6dB signal loss = 6W matching quite well the measurement you have done.
You will need a better cable providing the 3dB RF loss we need for your 100m installation as well.

You find cables here: http://www.serviceport.se/en/products/installation-equipment/coaxial-cables/
Comrod antennas here: http://www.serviceport.se/en/products/antennas/comrod-antennas/marine-civil/vhf/ 
Scan antennas: http://www.serviceport.se/en/products/antennas/scan-antennas/vhf/

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