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Yacht Router is a complete network infrastructure solution for yacht or boat of any size. Yacht Router devices will help you to easily install, setup and control Internet connection on your yacht. The most important part of Yacht Router solution is Yacht Router Control software that control complete system. It is designed by professionals specialized in yacht communication systems in collaboration with experienced yacht captains. The result is a system that is simple to operate, maintain and control. Underneath simple touch user interface, Yacht Router is a solution with industry level of reliability, performance and unprecedented level of security.

Arne Mårtensson, Yaghan:

Yaghan is a Hallberg-Rassy 62 sailed by Helene and Arne Mårtensson from Sweden. They sailed round the World via Antarctica 2006-2009 and wrote two exciting books about their voyage. Last winter Yaghan went through extensive preparations for a new adventure to Antarctica in 2016.

“On Yaghan we use KVH V3 in combination with Iridium Pilot to get global coverage. The KVH V3 gives us a data speed of 2 Mbps. The Fleet Broadband 250 is now only used as back up. In harbour we run Internet via the marina WIFI or the 3G/4G mobile system. For that we use Yacht Router from Locomarine. That product also give us very good data speed in many archipelagos that are covered by the mobile system. It is the best product of its kind we have ever seen. For the first time ever we can watch movies over the internet in our favorite anchorages in the Stockholm archipelago. We also use the Yacht Router to control the entire communication system including the KVH V3 / Iridium Pilot. The Yacht Router is the brain in our system.”

Arne Mårtensson

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