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Our vast experience and expertise enable us to offer solutions and equipment to meet customers’ need for products and services for communication at sea for both safety and pleasure. We offer a complete range of products from the world’s leading manufacturers, with global service networks. Our customers are primarily from professional shipping, authorities and large pleasure boats.

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Göran Movitz

Ann Movitz
Sales & Finance

Annette Olsson
Airtime & Sales





Daniela Jarlen

Helena Karhunen

Adam Afzelius
Logistics & Service

Daniéla Jarlén
Sales & Marketing

Helena Karhunen
Sales & Marketing



We offer a complete range of products from the world’s leading manufacturers of communications equipment. Regardless of whether you are looking for cost-effective satellite solutions for broadband, telephony, radio or emergency communication.



Once a ship arrives in port, time is often at a premium. Spare parts need to arrive quickly and important components have to be replaced without delay. Rapid deliveries are therefore a valued part of what we our offer. Thanks to our large stocks we can supply everything from batteries and telex paper to complete satcom equipment. You can search for and order spare parts or new equipment via our web portal.



A collaboration with us at Cordland does not just give you access to the best products on the market; you also gain access to a global network of service workshops. Through our capable partners we can offer you expert service in most of the world’s major ports. Besides service you can also obtain assistance with planning, installation and inspection.



At sea knowledge means safety. If you select equipment from us you are guaranteed to obtain the optimum solutions for your needs. The combination of industry-leading products and our wide-ranging technical expertise means that we can tailor equipment that will function smoothly on a daily basis. We have long experience of marine communication and thanks to our extensive network of partners we can find solutions to every conceivable issue.


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